What is Facebook Promotion?

Facebook Promotion is the promotion of a business by posting a product, service to a group of millions of members of Facebook. 

Why You will do Facebook Promotion? and How much Opportunity for this Job?

Facebook Promotion is one of the easiest ways to easily spread the word to a million potential customers. And that is why every business Facebook promotion has to be regular.

Facebook Promotion works at the International Marketplace by working at home, you can earn income very easily.

How to Apply for Facebook Promotion Job?

Create a Gig of Facebook Promtion on Fiverr 

Gig Create Instruction Step By Step

1. Gig Title: Select a unique and Eye-Catchy Title as a simple sentence , So That any one can understand easily what you will provide.


I will provide social media marketing and run facebook promotion

2. Category: Select Right Category. check top rated seller's gig to get Idea
3. Tag: Select accurate tag.  check top rated seller's gig to get Idea

4. Description:

i) Why you qualified for this job?

Facebook Marketing is most essential part to grow your business or Products. we can reach millions of active customers by Facebook Marketing. Its very effective to Grow business. only Use Facebook Ads can promote your business to millions of people.

I have completed full training from the Outsourcing Institute for Facebook Marketing. I know the secret ways and strategies for how a business's goals are achieved.
Don’t hesitate to contact me. and I am really trustworthy.

 ii) Service Fitures

  1. Reach millions of people
  2. Promote your product, Link, image and video on FB
  3. Post and share on Facebook
  4. Eye-catching product description
  5. Able to Graphic design for Facebook post
  6. Get more Traffic for your Business or Product
  7. Grow your Facebook page to worldwide
  8. Social media Ads


iii) Service Specialty

  • 100% Manual posting.
  • No spam
  • On time delivery.
  • Buyers Satisfaction.
  • Very conscious about Facebook rules and community guideline.


iv) Finishing

I will be happy to be a part of your business.
I am a very friendly guy. Don’t hesitate to contact me.
Thank you


5. Gig Banner: Create a attractive and unique gig banner using canva or Photoshop . Use without copyrighted image.

Watch the full video below to learn how to work better

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